Privacy Policy – Beha

Beha Elektro AS is responsible for handling any personal data involved in this solution.

Beha Smartheaters
The Beha Smartheater device monitors and reports the temperature in the room as well as the current status and device configuration, including the target temperature and the active week program. This is used to provide you with a good user experience and to gather diagnostics data for product improvements.

User profile
To use this app, you need to register a user profile with a display name, email address and password. Your password will only be known by yourself and is not accessible by anyone else. Not even by Beha. Your user profile will be common for all apps driven by Beha Elektro AS.

Who has access to your data?
The data that you provide through the app or through your devices will be stored in the Beha Elektro AS cloud and app system. Beha is able to see messages sent between the app and the devices, but cannot see your user identity, your places, or your rooms. Beha uses this information for troubleshooting and development of its products. Beha Elektro AS stores your data securely in the cloud. A strictly limited set of employees and contractors have access to the internal data stores, ensuring your data is well protected. Beha Elektro AS uses your data to:

  • Provide you with a rich user experience
  • Provide you and the manufacturer with support
  • Further enhance and develop the Beha Elektro AS cloud and app services.

The Microsoft Azure cloud platform is used by Beha Elektro AS for hosting the cloud services. Azure privacy statement: statement

Data storage
Configuration data (E.g., places, rooms, and devices) and your user profile will be stored until you delete them.

Beha Elektro AS reserves the right to delete your profile if it has been inactive for more than 24 months without user activity. In such case Beha Elektro AS will issue a warning email at least 8 weeks before deleting the profile. Log data such as temperatures and message logs will be kept for 24 months. Data older than that will be automatically deleted.

Deletion of your data or user profile can also be ordered by contacting Beha Elektro AS support. Please contact for any issues regarding your user profile or personal data.

Communication and Wi-Fi security
When linking up your Beha device, you will enter your Wi-Fi password. This password is shared once with the device to be linked up. Please be aware that this wireless connection is potentially vulnerable for radio eavesdropping, although we have made it extremely technically challenging. Once your device is linked up it will perform all communication on a secure encrypted channel to the cloud.

Privacy rights
According to the EU GDPR regulations you have the rights to:

  • Modify your personal data
  • Delete your personal data
  • Limit access and handling of your personal data
  • Access your personal data electronically (data portability)
  • Protest and raise any issues regarding your personal data
  • To be informed about changes in the privacy policy

Please contact regarding the above rights.

Device data are processed by Microsoft to ensure the proper functioning of the product and application and processed by DO OK S.A. with seat in Poland to ensure that requests from and to the device are transmitted properly.