• Thermal fuse for overheating
  • Environmentally friendly heater – no dust burning
  • Electronic thermostat
  • IP 20

The GME 1500 environmental floor heater from Beha is designed and developed in Norway. With a unique heating principle, this is also the floor heater on the market that ensures you the best indoor climate.

This floor heater stands in a class of its own in terms of both quality and technical specifications. The quality is noticeable even before you plug it in. It weighs almost 9 kilograms, making it very stable and secure. The heater is equipped with carrying handles on each side.

The control panel is protected by a transparent cover to prevent accidental adjustments, for instance by children. The dial for setting the room temperature is mounted on the top of the heater. Despite having very low surface temperatures, it is also secured with a protective plate underneath to ensure that the floor does not get warmer than the room temperature.