Terms and conditions Beha Smartheater app

This app is created by Beha to let you easily operate your Beha devices.

The communication from the devices and from the mobile app is handled by Beha Elektro AS (https://www.beha.no/). Beha Elektro AS provides a cloud and app platform upon which the Beha Smartheater app is based. For using this app and cloud system you must agree with these terms accompanied by the privacy policy.

This agreement is entered between you as the logged-in app user, and Beha Elektro AS as the service provider.

Acceptable use
As the logged in user of the app you must comply with the following acceptable use:

  • Must follow any applicable public laws
  • Only use the product as intended according to the manual / specification
  • Must not decompile, dismount or reverse engineer the products or services.
  • Must not attempt any data breaches or hacking activities on the involved product

The logged in app user is solely responsible for any use of the app.

When these terms and the accompanied privacy statement are changed, you will be automatically informed so that you can confirm the updated conditions the next time you open the app. Alternatively, you can use your device in stand-alone mode, operating the device manually.

Firmware upgrades
Beha reserves the right to upgrade your devices if this is necessary for security reasons or for feature improvements.

Limitation of liability
Beha Elektro AS aims to keep the cloud services up and running 100% of the time. However, unforeseen problems might occur, and will be mitigated as soon as possible. Neither Beha nor Beha Elektro AS can be held liable for any direct or indirect losses as a result of service outages or other problems related to the cloud services or app.

Beha Elektro AS is responsible for handling all personal data in this application. Please see the privacy policy for details. Beha Elektro AS can be contacted at: service@beha.no Address: Beha Elektro AS, Evjeløkka 3, 1661 Rolvsøy, Norway

Termination of agreement
You can terminate this agreement anytime by deleting the app.

In such case you will no longer be able to use the app, but your data and profile will still be stored in the cloud and your devices will still communicate. To delete the account, please open the app and go to Settings and Delete account.

Beha Elektro AS can terminate the agreement and the user account if the customer uses the services in contravention with this agreement or in contravention with public laws.

Please visit Beha for general device information: www.beha.no