Ever since its inception in 1917, Beha has been a strong brand, and one of the leading suppliers of electrical household appliances and heaters to homes and businesses not only in Norway but around the world. We manage this heritage with great respect and continue to build on this solid foundation, so that Beha will remain relevant and future-oriented. A deeply rooted quality philosophy characterizes Beha’s entire value chain. Today, Beha’s head office is located on Rolvsøy in Fredrikstad.

Started already in 1917

Beha`s story started in a small town in Norway called Porsgrunn in 1917. The founder was a young engineer from Kongsberg, his name was Carl Eugene Berg-Hanssen.

In the beginning, the name of the factory was Berg Hanssen Elektriske Fabrikker. In 1923, the Beha name arose by merging “BE” and “HA” in Berg-Hanssen. In 1924, the business had grown out of the first modest production premises, and established itself in what were then modern and large factory premises in Løvenskioldsgate, what is still called “Beha-gården” in Porsgrunn. In 1973, the company built a new modern production facility of just over 12,000 square meters at Heistad just outside Porsgrunn. Today’s production of heaters takes place at our modern factory in Lithuania.

More than 10 million products sold
Since the first heater was sold in 1917, more than 10 million Beha-products have found their way to quality aware customers in Norway and all over the world. 

Total quality
Product development is a continuous process. Through cooperation with internationally recognized suppliers on both the component and finished product side, Beha’s ambition is to have satisfied customers for generations to come. Today, Beha produces heaters that are at the very top of the world in terms of requirements for the environment, electrical safety, technology, quality and, of course, design.

Smart heaters that save electricity
Beha’s smart heaters have built-in Wi-Fi and advanced electronics, which enables you to control the heater not only manually, but with an app wherever you are. It is smart to have a comfortable temperature when you are at home. It is even smarter to reduce the temperature when you are away.

Environmentally friendly
Beha’s smart heaters have low surface temperatures which mean that the heaters don’t burn dust. It is good for all of us, and especially for asthmatics and allergy sufferers.

High electrical safety
All electrical products from Beha are checked and approved by NEMKO or equivalent accredited institutions. These are voluntary approvals that Beha has chosen to add to its products so that you as a consumer will feel extra secure in relation to electrical safety.

Super modern heater in the 1920's
One of the first heaters