Control your Beha smartheater with Beha Smartheater 2.0 app

All Beha SmartHeaters have In-built Wi-Fi with advanced technology enabling remote controlling of your heating via your mobile phone. All you need to do is download the Beha Smartheater 2.0 app from Google Play or App Store.


  1. Start by downloading the Beha Smartheater 2.0 app to your phone. 
  2. Create your place for ex HOME.
  3. Create the room the heater is heating for ex. BEDROOM
  4. Choose room and “add room” then give its a name for ex. WINDOW WALL etc.
  5. Input your password to your Wi-Fi.
  6. Now turn the heater on. The app will now automatically search for the heater. Once its found it will add it. Repeat this procedure with each one of your heaters.

NOTE: The router frequency has to be set to 2.4 GHz!

Download the Beha app to your mobile from Google Play and App Store.